The IndigoMed Online Medical Second Opinion service gives patients and their physicians secure online access to IndigoMed’s physician specialists, who deal with over 100 medical conditions and diseases. These physicians belong to the most prestigious European hospitals in terms of quality in medical research and innovation.

With IndigoMed’s “Online Second Medical Opinion” service, patients and referring physicians can request a second consultation via the Internet, without leaving their home or surgery.

One of the world-renowned physician specialists belonging to the IndigoMed network will review the patient’s medical records and test results. They will provide a comprehensive report on the most complex diseases, including all forms of cancer and critical care, affecting the main body systems. This report will be sent via high priority mail to the patient and, subject to their explicit approval, to the referring physician. The patient will be able to review treatment options or alternatives directly with the referring physician, as well as evaluating recommendations regarding future care needs.


The process starts at INDIGOMEDCONNECT.NET, the IndigoMed platform for service delivery and patient management. INDIGOMEDCONNECT.NET allows patients to:

  • share their medical records with IndigoMed physicians and health care partners;
  • get quotes for a second opinion, treatment of a health care condition or a procedure,
  • choose from professionals and institutions offering those services.

There are five steps in the process of requesting a second opinion, which will take around 10-15 minutes if you have all the necessary information to hand. You can check the list of required material by selecting the relevant condition at INDIGOMEDCONNECT.NET.

  • 1. Go to and search your condition.

    Select your condition from the list. Carefully check the list of medical material you need to upload if you want to proceed.

  • 2. Select your condition and choose the “Online Second Opinion” service. Choose the hospital you want to deliver your second opinion.

    For each condition, IndigoMed can offer two different services. Select the Second Opinion service and you can choose from the hospitals offering a second opinion for your condition. You can choose the hospital you want to use with your physician.

  • 3. Register as an IndigoMed Member and Upload your personal health records.

    Registration is free. You will pay for each service you use, according to its price. Prices are set according to the hospital you choose and the condition being treated.

    In this step we ask for information about the person demanding the service (the requestor) and the patient. If the requestor is not the patient but his/her referring physician or a family member, the patient is required to submit a Consent Form. Referring physicians will also have to register on to receive an Identification code. This code must be added to the Consent Form by the patient.

    In order to process the service, we need the patient’s original diagnosis. A set of recommended medical material will be requested for each condition in order to provide a second opinion online. Check the list of exams and materials IndigoMed requests in relation to the patient’s condition before completing the request. You will have a maximum of 90 days to upload requested material before your patient file is deleted from IndigoMed’s servers.

  • 4. Payment for your second opinion

    You will pay the fee for your second opinion directly to IndigoMed using our secure payment system. We accept payment via most major credit cards, PayPal, certified US bank check or money order.

  • 5. Receive your second opinion online.

    You have the right to cancel your request after you have submitted it. Your payment will be effective only after Althalia – the medical provider powering IndigoMed’s platforms – had verified and approved your medical records as having the information required in order to deliver a quality second opinion.

    Once approval has been granted by Althalia, the patient will receive a confirmation email. As soon as that email has been sent, you are liable for the Second Opinion fee.

    If you choose to pursue treatment for the condition linked to your Second Opinion, the IndigoMed health provider you have selected will provide a detailed estimate of intervention costs, called the “Full Intervention Package”. Packages include all nursing care, room and meal charges, and all examinations and treatments normally associated with the procedure. All doctors and/or health care specialists’ fees are included in the Full Intervention Package. For some treatments – usually those which require patients not to travel immediately after intervention – you will also receive a Recovery package intervention plan.

You’re ready to go!

Patients who want to access IndigoMed services personally should upload all the requested material in PDF format related to their condition. Referring physicians have the right to upload medical information and other materials they consider relevant and necessary in order to provide a clear clinical overview of their patient and the condition.