Thanks to INDIGOMED, patients can obtain an average 35% to 50% reduction in medical expenses in comparison to costs in the US, with NO LOSS in medical quality, innovation or technology. The hospitals and professionals in the INDIGOMED network represent the best of European medicine: the most highly qualified specialists from the best renowned hospitals in Italy, Germany & France.

We can offer less expensive treatments because European costs for medical care are substantially lower than the US. Because the EU’s objective has always been to reduce inequalities in health care, huge investments are made in the health sector by European governments to reduce medical costs for patients.

Smart health care spending doesn’t mean spending more.

The worldwide financial crisis has impacted family budgets all over the globe, making it more difficult to access quality healthcare providers. Unfortunately, the high cost of pharmaceutical products and technologically advanced medical techniques makes the cost of healthcare interventions higher, especially in the US.

Around the world, but especially in the US, medical expenses are a factor in individual bankruptcy filings. In the US, they contributed to between 35% and 62% of total personal bankruptcy in 2012, according to various studies – and the number of bankruptcy filings attributing medical debt as a significant factor is increasing. In a 2009 study published by the American Journal of Medicine which surveyed patients to determine their cause of bankruptcy, 41.8% of patients specifically identified a health problem, 54.9% cited medical or drug costs, and 37.8% blamed income loss due to illness as a significant factor in their bankruptcy. Overall, 68.8% cited at least one of these medical causes.

What’s more, for the first time in US history, the average cost of healthcare for the typical American family of four exceeded $20,000 in 2012. Rising healthcare costs and a steady increase in medical expense-related bankruptcy cases is a significant concern to patients and patient advocates.

A new 2013 analysis reinforces those trends, mainly due to the 2008-13 financial crisis. Rising medical bills are expected to push 1.7 million American households into bankruptcy in 2013—making health expenses the single biggest cause of such filings, outpacing bankruptcies due to credit card bills or unpaid mortgages.

INDIGOMED is a global partnership to bring the best healthcare to US and international patients at the best international costs.