Serious diseases often entail a long and complex health care process involving interventions from a large number of medical professionals. INDIGOMED guarantees the coordination of local and international professionals with only one objective – cost-effective quality patient care.

INDIGOMED partners with key organizations in collaborative efforts to offer the best in health care for the benefit of the patients we serve.

A successful medical intervention involves more than the patient, his or her practitioner, and/or a medical provider abroad, both at the medical destination and in the patient’s hometown. Undertaking medical opinions or treatments in another country has a complexity in and of itself that differs significantly from obtaining the same services at home. Little of this complexity is appreciated or understood within the medical community.

INDIGOMED aims is to provide efficient, positive, and well-structured interactions among the following stakeholders for every patient’s safety and well-being:

  • a) Local treating physician(s)

    Very often, patients choose to travel for treatment without informing and discussing their plans with their local family physician or specialist. INDIGOMED considers local treating physicians to be a key element in our virtual health care partnership. Dealing with serious diseases involves complex procedures, which means a long-term strategy is essential. INDIGOMED works with local physicians to offer patients a credible and reliable international medical option.

    INDIGOMED’s service is unique because it involves local professionals in a truly international health care process and plan. We understand the local physician can play an important role in the overall treatment plan, as it is he/she who saw you when your symptoms first appeared. He/she can also interact with INDIGOMED doctors to ensure effective follow-up treatment when you return home.

  • b) INDIGOMED local consultants

    INDIGOMED has appointed several “local treating physicians” as INDIGOMED local consultants. Their role is to clarify all the aspects of INDIGOMED interaction and to facilitate the interactions among all the parties dealing with a patient’s online second opinions or international treatments.

    The referring physicians and the INDIGOMED local consultants both have responsibilities to fulfill in order to maximize the effectiveness of INDIGOMED quality in second opinions and proposals to improve patient care.

    The access to local consultants is free. They are appointed by INDIGOMED to interact with patients and their referring physicians with the aim to better coordinate and facilitate the exchange of information among all INDIGOMED participants.

  • c) INDIGOMED role and engagement

    The INDIGOMED platform is an Exchange Platform built upon a secure, standards-based infrastructure connecting patients, physicians, and other health care providers. The result is a longitudinal, medical-information-secured platform supporting collaboration among providers and improving patient care while reducing costs. INDIGOMED’s key roles and engagements include:

    • Security in storing and transmitting every patient’s confidential information;
    • Ensuring the quality of the information at every stage of the process;
    • Facilitating information exchange without compromising security, privacy, and confidentiality;
    • Consistency and reliability.

    The INDIGOMED Health Care Manager is the key person in charge of managing the whole process including interactions on the site. The INDIGOMED Health Care Manager takes responsibility for advising and advocating for an international patient in order to present and manage the most appropriate options INDIGOMED can offer for the best possible medical outcome.

  • d) European health providers

    INDIGOMED works with European hospitals and professionals which strive to ensure patient safety and quality health care through continuous self-assessment and regular inspection by governmental agencies. INDIGOMED selects health care providers to be part of its network based upon a multi-criteria analysis including government and non-governmental agency certifications, the use of state-of-the-art medical and diagnostic equipment, the prevention of nosocomial infections, the quality of medical publications, attendance at international medical seminars and congresses, public information about patient quality, statistical analysis of health care databases on treatment performances, and more.

    Patient Safety Measures address the issues of look-alike and sound-alike medicines and medication names, correct patient identification, clear communication during patient handovers, the performance of the correct procedure at the correct body site; control of concentrated electrolyte solutions; assurance of medication accuracy at transitions in care; avoidance of catheter and tubing misconnections, single use of injection devices, and improved hand hygiene to prevent health-care associated infections.

    Our health providers understand that patients want and deserve quality health care in a proper care environment that offers proactive solutions for patient safety, whether based on empirical evidence, hard research or best practices.

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