INDIGOMED is a unique leading health care platform allowing international patients easy access to the best of European medicine.

INDIGOMED allows international patients, particularly those in the US, and their physicians to consult with the most-respected European Medical Institutions in order to receive a complete, packaged medical treatment proposal (including admission, investigations, surgeries, hospital accommodations and more). IndigoMed will offer a packaged elective treatment proposal to any patient and, in most cases, their corresponding physician. The patient will be able to choose the country and institution they prefer.

INDIGOMED is a secure platform, organized by physicians for physicians and their patients. Its only objective is to provide cost-effective, high-quality health care accessible to all. Everyone, regardless of age, nationality, sexual orientation, ethnicity, social status, or geographic location, can travel and benefit from state-of-the-art hospitals using the latest proven technology.

An Elective surgery or elective procedure or elective treatment is surgery that is scheduled in advance because it does not involve a medical emergency. Semi-elective surgery is surgery that must be done to preserve the patient’s life, but does not need to be performed immediately. The choice (“election”) of when and where to perform elective surgery may be made by the patient and/or doctor.

Elective surgery is a term used for non-emergency surgery that is medically necessary, but which can be delayed for at least 6 to 10 days without any major risk that the patient’s health situation will deteriorate and become an emergency.

Elective surgery is usually performed in an operating theatre or procedure room under some form of anesthesia by a surgeon. 

Elective surgery is different from cosmetic surgery, which is not accessible through INDIGOMED platforms.

To access the INDIGOMED Elective Treatment proposal service, follow those nine simple steps. The first five steps are the same as the IndigoMed second opinion service: you will receive an online second opinion along with your treatment proposal.


  • 1. Go to and search for your condition

    Browse the list of conditions and select yours. Start your search by selecting the condition that affects you. Check carefully the list of medical materials you need to upload if you want to proceed.

  • 2. Select your condition and see what treatments IndigoMed offers.

    For each condition, IndigoMed may offer a selected range of treatments or all possible treatments.

  • 3. Select your treatment, the medical team and register as a member of IndigoMed.

    Either on your own or in partnership with your physician, you can select each service and treatment from a selection of medical teams belonging to the hospitals and health care providers in the IndigoMed network. Member Registration is free of charge. The services you select are charged, with each condition having its own service price.

    In this step we will ask for information about the requestor and the patient. If the requestor is not the patient but his/her referring physician or a family member, the patient is required to submit a Consent Form. Referring physicians must register on INDIGOMEDPARTNERS.NET and will receive an Identification code. This code must be added to the Consent Form by the patient.

  • 4. Upload your Personal Medical Record and referring physician references.

    In order to process your request, we will need your original diagnosis so we can match your request to a physician specializing in your condition. A set of recommended medical material will be requested for each condition in order to provide a second opinion online and an accurate medical treatment proposal. Check the list of examinations and materials IndigoMed requires in relation to your condition before completing your request. You will have a maximum of 90 days to upload requested material before your patient file is deleted from IndigoMed’s servers.

  • 5. Pay for your Elective Treatment Proposal

    You will pay the fee for your Proposal directly to IndigoMed using our secure payment system. We accept payment via most major credit cards, PayPal, certified US bank check or money order.

    Please note IndigoMed does not offer free quotes. IndigoMed must analyze and confirm your pathology carefully in order to propose the correct treatments. This means a Treatment Proposal also includes an Online Second Opinion.

  • 6. Receive your online second opinion, admission proposal and treatment quote.

    Following the second opinion review, your IndigoMed health provider will submit a detailed estimate of the intervention costs: the Full Intervention Package. Packages include all nursing care, room and meal charges, as well as all exams and treatments normally associated with the procedure. All doctors and/or health care specialist fees are included in the Full Intervention Package. For some treatments – usually those which require patients not to travel immediately after intervention – you will also receive a Recovery package intervention plan.

  • 7. Confirm your proposal and travel to your chosen hospital.

    If you accept the proposal and pay your reservation fees, you will receive a date for your admission. You’re ready to go!

    From the moment you arrive at the airport near your chosen hospital, you will receive assistance from our bilingual staff. They will guide you through your routine tests, pre-op and post-op consultations, as well as the practicalities of being in another country.

    Your treatment and recovery schedule will be mapped out clearly for you, so your appointments and treatment process will be as seamless and worry-free as possible. You will also benefit from the exclusive IndigoMed Admission guaranteed period, which guarantees our members and a companion a free room for a maximum period of two (2) days from the admission date if, at the admission date, they cannot proceed to admission for any reason.

  • 8. Discharge, follow-up, and transmission of your Personal Health Record to your local physician guarantee continuity of health care.

    The immediate post-op checkup will be performed at the hospital. You will be discharged from the hospital with a summary of the procedures you have undergone, a detailed list of necessary medicines, dosages, and schedule, as well as instructions to be followed during your trip back home and afterwards for complete recovery. Your Personal Health Record will be updated, and your local physician will be informed.

  • 9. Review of your medical record with your local referring physician to ensure continuity and security in your healthcare treatment process.

    Your personal record will be transferred to your referring physician to ensure continuity and security after you get back home. All IndigoMed medical teams will be available to answer any questions you and your referring physician might have.

You’re ready to go!

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