Last Updated: OCTOBER 1ST, 2016

  • A. Introduction

    INIDIGOMED PLATFORM (“INDIGOMED” and “the Sites: INDIGOMED.NET, INDIGOMEDCONNECT.NET AND INDIGOMEDPARTNERS.NET” ) is committed to respecting the privacy rights of visitors, members and other users of INDIGOMED services (“Services “) provided via the INDIGOMED websites, i.e. INDIGOMED.NET, INDIGOMEDCONNECT.NET AND INDIGOMEDPARTNERS.NET (collectively, “the Sites”). INDIGOMED SAS. (“INDIGOMED”) created this Sites and the Website Privacy Policy (« Privacy Policy ») to give users and member’s confidence as they visit and use the Sites, and to demonstrate INDIGOMED’s commitment to fair information practices and the protection of privacy. This Privacy Policy is only applicable to the Sites, and not to any other websites that users may be able to access from the Sites or any website of INDIGOMED’s partners or of Health Care Facilities listed on INDIGOMED, each of which may have data collection, storage, and use practices and policies that differ materially from this Privacy Policy. Members’ use of the Sites is governed by this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use above.

  • B. Traffic Data Collected

    INDIGOMED automatically tracks and collects the following categories of information when users visit INDIGOMED SITES (INDIGOMED.NET, INDIGOMEDCONNECT.NET AND INDIGOMEDPARTNERS.NET): (1) IP addresses; (2) domain servers; (3) types of computers accessing the Sites; (4) types of Web browsers used to access the Sites; (5) referring source which may have sent users to the Sites; and (6) other information associated with the interaction of users’ browser and the Sites (collectively “Traffic Data“).

  • C. Personal Information Collected

    In order for a user to access certain areas of the Sites, INDIGOMED may require that user to provide INDIGOMED with certain information that personally identifies them (“Personal Information”). Personal Information includes the following categories of information: (1) Contact Data (such as the user’s email address, phone number and INDIGOMED password); (2) Demographic Data (such as the user’s gender, date of birth and ZIP code); (3) Insurance Data (such as the user’s insurance carrier and insurance plan); and (4) Medical Data (such as the user’s previous doctors and health care facilities visited, their reason for visiting , date of visit, and other medical information the user chooses to share with INDIGOMED). If a user communicates with INDIGOMED by, for example, email or letter, any information provided in such communication may be collected as Personal Information.

    1. Authorization for other uses and disclosures

    As described above, INDIGOMED will use its users’ health information and disclose it outside INDIGOMED for treatment, payment, health care operations, and when required or permitted by law. INDIGOMED will not use or disclose users’ health information for other reasons without those users’ written authorization. For example, most uses and disclosures of psychotherapy notes, uses and disclosures of health information for certain marketing purposes, and disclosures that constitute a sale of health information require users’ written authorization. These kinds of uses and disclosures of users’ health information will be made only with users’ written authorization. Users may revoke the authorization in writing at any time, but INDIGOMED cannot take back any uses or disclosures of users’ health information already made with their authorization.

    For US resident users, Ohio and Florida law require that INDIGOMED obtain consent for certain disclosures of health information about the following: the performance or results of an HIV test or diagnoses of AIDS or an AIDS-related condition, drug or alcohol treatment that users have received as part of a drug or alcohol treatment program, or mental health services users have received.

    Florida law also requires consent for:

    • Certain disclosures to family members
    • Certain disclosures of health information for patient information directory purposes
    • Certain disclosures of health information for payment purposes
    • Certain disclosures of health information for health care operations purposes
    • Certain disclosures or use of health information for solicitation or marketing purposes
    • Certain disclosures of health information for research purposes
    • Certain disclosures of health information relating to sexually transmitted diseases
    • Certain disclosures of health information that include genetic testing or DNA analysis results

    2. Users’ rights regarding health information

    Users have rights regarding their health information, and INDIGOMED and all the Health Care Facilities (HCF) belonging to the INDIGOMED network are engaged in the respect of all those rights.

    Right to Accounting. A user may request an accounting, which is a listing of the entities or persons (other than themselves) to whom INDIGOMED has disclosed their health information without their written authorization. This accounting would not include disclosures for treatment, payment, health care operations, and certain other disclosures exempted by law. A user’s request for an accounting of disclosures must be in writing, signed, and dated. It must identify the time period of the disclosures. INDIGOMED will not list disclosures made earlier than two (2) years before the user’s request. The user’s request should indicate the form in which they want the list to be provided (for example, on paper or electronically). They must submit the written request to INDIGOMED, 25 rue Tronchet – 75008 Paris – France. INDIGOMED will respond to users within 20 days.

    Right to Amend. If a user feels that health information INDIGOMED has about them is incorrect or incomplete, the user has the right to ask INDIGOMED to amend their medical records. The user’s request for an amendment must be in writing, signed, and dated. It must specify the records the user wishes to amend and give the reason for the request. The user must address their request to INDIGOMED, 25 rue Tronchet – 75008 Paris – France. INDIGOMED will respond within 60 days.

    Right to Inspect and Obtain Copy. A user has the right to inspect and obtain a copy of their completed health records unless their doctor believes that disclosure of that information to the user could harm that user. The user may not see or get a copy of information gathered for a legal proceeding or certain research records while research is ongoing. The user’s request to inspect or obtain a copy of their records must be submitted in writing, signed and dated, and addressed to INDIGOMED, 25 rue Tronchet – 75008 Paris – France. (Requests for billing records should be sent to the billing department.) INDIGOMED may charge a fee for processing the user’s request.

    Right to Request Restrictions. A user has the right to ask INDIGOMED to restrict the uses or disclosures INDIGOMED makes of the user’s health information for treatment, payment, or health care operations. The user may also ask INDIGOMED to limit the health information that INDIGOMED uses or discloses about the user to someone who is involved in the user’s care or payment for the user’s care, such as a family member or friend. A request for such a restriction must be signed and dated. The request should also describe the information the user wants restricted, say whether the user wants to limit the use or the disclosure of the information or both, and tell INDIGOMED who should not receive the restricted information. The user must submit their request in writing, addressed to INDIGOMED, 25 rue Tronchet – 75008 Paris – France.

    Right to Request Confidential Communications. A user has the right to request that INDIGOMED communicate with the user about their health in a certain way or at a certain location. For example, the user can ask that INDIGOMED only contact them at work or by mail. The user’s request for confidential communications must be in writing, signed, and dated. It must specify how or where user wishes to be contacted. The user need not tell INDIGOMED the reason for their request, and INDIGOMED will not ask. The user must submit a request in writing, addressed to INDIGOMED, 25 rue Tronchet – 75008 Paris – France. INDIGOMED will accommodate all reasonable requests.

    Right to a Paper Copy of This Notice. A user has the right to a paper copy of this Notice. The user may ask INDIGOMED to give them a copy of this Notice at any time. Even if the user has agreed to receive this Notice electronically, they are still entitled to a paper copy. The user may obtain a paper copy of this Notice at INDIGOMED, 25 rue Tronchet – 75008 Paris – France.

  • D. Changes to this Notice

    INDIGOMED may change this Notice at any time. Any change in the Notice could apply to medical information INDIGOMED already has about members, as well as any information INDIGOMED receives in the future. INDIGOMED will post a copy of the current Notice. The effective date of the Notice is on the first page in the top left corner.

  • E. Cookies

    “Cookies” are small computer files transferred to the hard drive of users’ computers. They contain information such as user ID, user preferences, lists of pages visited and activities conducted while browsing the Sites. At the users’ option, expense and responsibility, they may block cookies or delete cookies from their hard drive. However, by disabling cookies, they may not have access to the entire set of features of the Sites.

    Generally, INDIGOMED uses “cookies” to customize users’ experience on the Sites and to store their password so they do not have to re-enter it upon each visit to the Sites.

  • F. Information Provided on Behalf of Children

    INDIGOMED does not collect information from children under the age of 13, in accordance with the USA Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”), as discussed below. The parent or legal guardian of a minor child may, in compliance with the Terms of Use access or use the Sites or Services on behalf of such minor child. Any information that they provide while using the Sites or Service on behalf of their minor child will be treated as Personal Information as otherwise provided herein.

  • G. USA Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

    COPPA severely restricts what information can be collected from children under the age of 13. For this reason, children under the age of 13 in the United States are prohibited from using the Sites. The Sites are not directed at children, and INDIGOMED does not knowingly collect any information from individuals under the age of 13. If INDIGOMED learns that we have received any information from an individual under the age of 13, INDIGOMED will use that information only to respond directly to that child (or a parent or legal guardian) to inform them that they cannot use the Services, and subsequently we will delete that information from INDIGOMED servers.

  • H. INDIGOMED’s Use of Members’ Information

    INDIGOMED may use its members’ Contact Data to send them information about INDIGOMED or our products or Services, and to contact them when necessary, including to remind them of upcoming or follow-up appointments. INDIGOMED may use Demographic Data, Traffic Data, Insurance Data or Medical Data to customize and tailor users’ experience on the Sites, in emails and in other communications, displaying content that INDIGOMED thinks users might be interested in and according to their preferences. Members agree that INDIGOMED may use Personal Information to allow their doctors to make appointments with other doctors on their behalf through the Services.

  • I. Sharing of Information

    INDIGOMED may share certain categories of information INDIGOMED collects from users in the ways described in this Privacy Policy. INDIGOMED may share Demographic Data with advertisers and other third parties only on an aggregate (i.e., non-personally-identifiable) basis. INDIGOMED may also share users’ Contact Data, Demographic Data, Insurance Data and Medical Data with Providers users choose to schedule on INDIGOMED. INDIGOMED also shares Personal Information and Traffic Data with its business partners, who assist INDIGOMED by performing core services (such as hosting, billing, fulfillment, and data storage and security) related to INDIGOMED’s operation of the Sites. Those business partners shall be bound to uphold the same standards of security and confidentiality that INDIGOMED has promised to users in this Privacy Policy, and they will only use users’ Contact Data and other Personal Information to carry out their specific business obligations to INDIGOMED and to provide the requested medical care and services. Finally, INDIGOMED may transfer information about users to another company in connection with a merger, sale or acquisition by or of INDIGOMED. In this event, INDIGOMED will make reasonable efforts to notify users before information about them is transferred and becomes subject to a different privacy policy. INDIGOMED does not share, sell, rent or trade users’ Personal Information with any third parties for promotional purposes.

  • J. Confidentiality and Security

    Except as otherwise provided in this Privacy Policy, INDIGOMED will keep its users’ Personal Information private and will not share it with third parties, unless INDIGOMED believes in good faith that disclosure of users’ Personal Information or any other information INDIGOMED collects about users is necessary to: (1) comply with a court order or other legal process; (2) protect the rights, property or safety of INDIGOMED or another party; (3) enforce INDIGOMED’s Terms of Use; or (4) respond to claims that any posting or other content violates the rights of third parties.

  • K. Physicians and Health Care Facilities (HCF)

    Physicians and HCFs, their employees, and their agents should be particularly aware of their obligations to patient confidentiality, both in communicating with INDIGOMED and in responding to a review of their Services posted on INDIGOMED. INDIGOMED does not have, and will not accept, any obligations of confidentiality with respect to any communications other than those expressly stated in this Privacy Policy and INDIGOMED’s Terms of Use.

  • L. Public Information

    Any information that users may reveal in a review posting or other online discussion or forum is intentionally open to the public and is not in any way private. Users should think carefully before disclosing any personally identifiable information in any public forum. What users have written may be seen and/or collected by third parties and may be used by others in ways INDIGOMED is unable to control or predict.

  • M. Security

    The security of users’ Personal Information is important to INDIGOMED. INDIGOMED follows generally accepted industry standards to protect the Personal Information submitted to INDIGOMED, both during transmission and once we receive it. Those international standards are reinforced in INDIGOMED’s daily activity by applying French standards regarding storage of medical information. INDIGOMED’s storage systems are fully compliant with those legal constraints, INDIGOMED having legal authorization to operate: CNIL authorization number 1556979V0/03-09-2012.

    Although INDIGOMED makes good faith efforts to store Personal Information in a secure operating environment that is not open to the public, users should understand that there is no such thing as complete security, and INDIGOMED does not guarantee that there will be no unintended disclosures of users’ Personal Information. If INDIGOMED becomes aware that users’ Personal Information has been disclosed in a manner not in accordance with this Privacy Policy, INDIGOMED will make reasonable efforts to notify users of the nature and extent of the disclosure (to the extent INDIGOMED knows that information) as soon as reasonably possible and as permitted by law.

  • N. Lost or Stolen Information

    Users must promptly notify INDIGOMED if their Contact Data are lost, stolen, or used without permission. In such an event, INDIGOMED will remove that Contact Data from users’ account and update INDIGOMED records accordingly.

  • O. Links to Other Websites

    The Site contains links to third party websites with which INDIGOMED has no affiliation. INDIGOMED does not share users’ personal information with those websites and is not responsible for their privacy practices.

  • P. Contacts

    Users who have any comments, concerns or questions about this Privacy Policy should contact INDIGOMED at privacy@INDIGOMED.NET