Patient’s direct registration

In order to access and receive services through INDIGOMED.NET, The patient must register in order to create an account (“INDIGOMED Account”) and become a PATIENT INDIGOMED Member. Following their registration, each member will receive a Confidential Personal Patient Number (PPN) by email.

Member Account Registration is free of charge.

To access INDIGOMED services, please follow the steps below to register as an INDIGOMED PATIENT Member and share your Personal Medical File:

Select your condition on INDIGOMEDCONNECT.NET.

Each condition has an associated list of requested materials listed on the site that you must provide in order to receive a service from INDIGOMED. The requested materials list represents exams and reports that INDIGOMED and its service providers consider necessary to deliver services properly and professionally. If the patient registers him/herself directly, he/she is responsible for uploading all requested materials. Referring physicians can partially upload requested materials in order to build the Member’s Personal Medical File.

Complete confidentiality of all information exchanged is guaranteed by all INDIGOMED and INDIGOMED employees, associate members, partners, and external service providers, who have signed an agreement for the management and processing of this data. “INDIGOMED Confidentiality and Privacy  Practices” is a separate document which governs how medical information about Members, Minors, and local physicians may be used and disclosed by INDIGOMED.

Patient third party registration

Patients can also be registered by their local Referring Physician(s).This “Third Party Account” registration creates a temporary membership. Temporary membership accounts are converted to regular membership once INDIGOMED receives consent from the Patient, providing this occurs within one week of the creation of the Third Party Account. The Referring Physician creating a Patient Third Party Account must give the patient a letter requesting their acceptance of the Terms and Conditions  and their consent to INDIGOMED membership. This letter must include the Patient’s Temporary Personal Number, which the Referring Physician will receive by email during the registration process. The PPN ties the Patient’s Referring Physician to the Patient as a new INDIGOMED Member. The letter, with EXPRESS CONSENT BY THE PATIENT, THE NEW MEMBER (including a clear signature and copy of the member’s identity document), must be transmitted to INDIGOMED by email (account(@) ).

INDIGOMED will create the Patient’s INDIGOMED Member Account and the Personal Health Record (PHR) they need to use the site. These documents are based on the Patient’s personal information, which the patient and/or their Referring Physician must provide to INDIGOMED. Each Patient cannot have more than one (1) active INDIGOMED Account. The Patient and their Referring Physician(s) agree to provide accurate, current, and complete information record during the registration process, and that the record will be updated with information necessary to keep it accurate, current, and complete.

The Member/Referring Physician must submit the requested materials to finalize the Member’s Personal Medical File.

All materials transferred or uploaded must be in English. If these materials are not in English, INDIGOMED may send Members a specific proposal by email regarding the translation of those materials by officially accredited translators. However, INDIGOMED and the official translators proposed by INDIGOMED accept NO responsibility for the accurate translation of materials.

For more detailed information, read the INDIGOMED Terms & Conditions.

Go to INDIGOMEDCONNECT.NET to create your account, become an INDIGOMED Member, and begin accessing INDIGOMED Services.