To access IndigoMed services, you will need to register as an IndigoMed Member.

There are two ways to join IndigoMed:

  1. Direct Patient registration: the patient directly accesses the platform and uploads all the requested information themselves.
  2. Third Party registration: referring physicians can open an IndigoMed account on behalf of their patients.

In both cases, IndigoMed strongly recommends that patients ask their referring physicians also to register with IndigoMed, in order to guarantee:

  1. High quality of the personal medical records sent to IndigoMed, which helps IndigoMed network medical teams gain a clear understanding of the patient’s medical status.
  2. A proper understanding by patients of all the opinions and guidelines given by IndigoMed network medical teams.
  1. High quality preparation for elective treatments before departure.
  1. Continuity in healthcare, as referring physicians receive full medical files after treatment, allowing them to co-ordinate and plan recovery at home in the most effective manner.