Physicians work with IndigoMed in order to offer new medical options with high quality standards to their patients.

To find physicians in your area that already belong to the IndigoMed network, please go to INDIGOMEDPARTNERS.NET.

On that platform you will find two kinds of IndigoMed physicians:

  • Local treating physicians that already belong to our network;
  • IndigoMed local consultants.

If there are no physicians belonging to the IndigoMed network in your network, please ask your physician to find out more and register at INDIGOMEDPARTNERS.NET.

  • Local treating physician(s)

    Patients often choose to travel for treatment without informing and discussing their plans with their local family physician or specialist. IndigoMed, however, considers local physicians as a key element in our virtual health care partnership. Dealing with serious diseases requires complex procedures, and a long-term strategy is essential. IndigoMed works with local physicians to give their patients a credible and reliable international medical option. It is the first and only platform that interacts with local physicians in order to organize effective international treatments with a comprehensive health care process and plan. We understand that the local physicians play an important role in the overall treatment plan, as they are the people who saw you when your symptoms first appeared. They can also interact with IndigoMed doctors to ensure effective follow-up treatment when you return home.

  • INDIGOMED local consultants

    IndigoMed appoints carefully selected local physicians as IndigoMed local consultants. Their role is to clarify all the aspects of the IndigoMed process and to facilitate interactions between all the parties dealing with a patient’s online second opinions and/or international treatments.

    Access to local consultants is free. They are appointed by IndigoMed to interact with patients and their referring physicians with the aim to better coordinate and facilitate the exchange of information among all IndigoMed participants.