participated in the annual HBS Healthcare alumni conference featured a look at the changes in health care technology along with important updates from multiple health care perspectives including new digital services and ACA updates. wants to thank all the professionals and industry leaders for the exchanges about USA trends and digital innovations that could impact the USA healthcare system and the interest in INDIGOMED services and solutions.

More specifically, we want to mention the people who generously gave their time and advisor about business model and development strategy: Abhishek Sharma at Nexus Venture Partners, Susan Alesina at Boston Childen’s Hospital, Sachin Jain at Carrum Health, Deborah Kilpatrick at Evidation Health, Daniel Dadon at Elektrofi, Stephan Agular at Zaffre Investments, Bideon Wilk at Wipro, Heath Schiesser at Pilot Wall Group LLC, Jean-Bernard Borfiga previous Board Member HBS Healthcare AA, Wolfgang Klietmann at Harvard Medical School and Robert de Noble, Board member HBS healthcare AA.

More information can be found on the conference website.

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About allows patients and their physicians to consult the most respected European medical Institutions for the following: On-line second opinions and Complex medical treatments through medical treatment packages (admission, exams, surgeries, hospital accommodations, etc.) that can be completed by a “full-service” package (medical package + travel and non-medical accommodations for the patient and their relatives).

Main points:

  • Cost-effective: thanks to, patients can obtain, on average, a 35% to 50% reduction in medical expenses in comparison with the U.S

  • Unique: is be the only platform currently serving this strongly growing market with a full European network

  • Complete offer: strengthened by “best practice” analysis and “permanent medical security control”

  • Quality and Security: HIPAA (USA) and ASIP (Europe) – compliance ensures continuity in healthcare

  • Tailor-made service: covering medical quality, case management and privacy. – Let’s talk (24/7): +1 646 89 30 951

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