There is a war going on in the United States of America: a war against ordinary people who cannot access the healthcare they deserve and need to lead a normal healthy life. It’s a war that causes people to go bankrupt and to suffer needlessly from treatable illnesses. (see our campaign “INDIGOMED.NET SAVING AMERICA ONE MEDICAL BILL AT A TIME”)

USA physicians are the first to be concerned by this situation. They frequently have to manage several tricky situations.

One of the most critical is when the patient’s family doesn’t have enough money to pay for the procedure or is under-insured. Patients in this situation cannot access the hospital or treatments the referring physician considers suitable for him/her without huge financial efforts. Currently, referring physicians are, on aggregate, concerned about the financial situation of 35% of their patients. In areas of low economic prosperity, this percentage increases to almost 70%.

Another serious issue is the lack of availability of healthcare professionals and institutions in some very populated areas. These “medical deserts” are populated regions more than 60 minutes away from the nearest acute and elective care hospital.

640 counties in the USA are considered medical deserts*. The healthcare professionals acting in these areas face a number of specific problems:

  • Physicians are responsible for a larger number of patients than the national average, and consequently those physicians have less time to offer to each individual patient. This increases the likelihood of malpractice, misunderstanding and medical errors

  • more time spent finding and organizing treatments very far from the patients’ residence.

Launched at the end of 2015, INDIGOMED.NET provides a medical bridge between American patients and physicians, and Europe’s best medical institutions: hospitals offering some of the world’s highest quality, most advanced treatments, but at European prices.

Thanks to its secure online platform and experienced care management team, INDIGOMED.NET guarantees high-quality process management, information sharing and expert healthcare professionals

And, for the first time, phyisicans in the UK – the people who know their patients best – can play an active role. Our recruitment website, INDIGOMEDPARTNERS.NET, is dedicated to information and to the enrollment of physicians.

The physicians joining INDIGOMED have the opportunity to differentiate their practice offer, giving their patients high quality, win-win options.

At the same time, those physicians can benefit from new resources for their practices. Indigomed shares the management fees it charges for its services in a completely transparent way.

Obtaining safe, effective treatment overseas is a complex process, and Indigomed considers local doctors a vital part of it.

Referring physicians are in charge of qualitative medical files. They are at the front-line for explaining treatments and processes to their patients. Once the treatment has been completed and the patient returns home, local physicians can ensure continuity of recovery – an aspect of care that is every bit as important as the surgical procedure or treatment patients receive in Indigomed hospitals.

For all cancer, neurological and cardiac conditions (and more conditions coming soon), American patients can get a second opinion, a treatment proposal and admissions in a straightforward, transparent way.

For more information on how referring physicians can join Indigomed, go to:

* Medical Desert : A populated region more than 60 minutes away from the nearest hospital.

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About allows patients and their physicians to consult the most respected European medical Institutions for the following: On-line second opinions and Complex medical treatments through medical treatment packages (admission, exams, surgeries, hospital accommodations, etc.) that can be completed by a “full-service” package (medical package + travel and non-medical accommodations for the patient and their relatives).

Main points: 

  • Cost-effective: thanks to, patients can obtain, on average, a 35% to 50% reduction in medical expenses in comparison with the U.S

  • Unique: is be the only platform currently serving this strongly growing market with a full European network

  • Complete offer: strengthened by “best practice” analysis and “permanent medical security control”

  • Quality and Security: HIPAA (USA) and ASIP (Europe) – compliance ensures continuity in healthcare

  • Tailor-made service: covering medical quality, case management and privacy. – Let’s talk (24/7): +1 646 89 30 951

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