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Paris – New York, July 18th, 2016

There is a war going on in the United States of America: a war against ordinary people who cannot access the healthcare they deserve and need to lead a normal healthy life. It’s a war that causes people to go bankrupt, to suffer needlessly from treatable illnesses and to be the victims of malpractice, overcharging and sharp business practices.

The US has helped Europe many times in the past; now it’s Europe’s turn to help our friends across the pond.

Launched at the end of 2015, INDIGOMED.NET is a medical bridge between American patients, U.S.A. physicians, and Europe’s best medical institutions. Our partner hospitals offer some of the world’s highest quality, most advanced treatments – at European prices.

Thanks to its secure online platform and experienced care management team, INDIGOMED.NET guarantees high-quality process management, information sharing and expert healthcare professionals.

Why do Americans pay so much for healthcare but get so much less in terms of quality and efficiency than people in any other developed nation? DISCOVER WHY HERE

Why should Americans travel to Europe for elective treatments?

Let’s talk about cancer treatments. If you are a man suffering for a prostatic cancer, you probably undergo the following procedures: Transurethral prostatectomy (TURP) or Open prostatectomy.

In 2013, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality of U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, the average charges across the US for the two procedures were, respectively, 35,339 US$ and 44,948 US$.

And, if you are a woman suffering for breast cancer, you will probably need a Mastectomy (an operation to remove the whole breast). That procedure costs, on average, US$ 47,572.

Note that these prices are not those of best-in-class US institutions: those would be much more expensive.

Imagine you could access, thanks to the internet, best-in-class hospitals of the same standard as the top 20 US News ranking hospitals, and get the same, complete procedure for half the price.

25 best-in-class European Hospitals (50 by the end of the year) have opened their doors to North American patients through our online platform. INDIGOMED.NET offers easy access to Europe’s healthcare systems, which are internationally recognized as the world’s best. Their state financed nature means they can offer advanced treatments at a lower cost than American hospitals.

For all cancer, neurological and cardiac conditions (and more conditions coming soon), American patients can get a second opinion, a treatment proposal and arrange their admission in a straightforward, transparent way. Referring physicians can participate in the enrolment process on INDIGOMEDPARTNERS.NET, making the only platform that can guarantee total continuity in healthcare.

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About allows patients and their physicians to consult the most respected European medical Institutions for the following: On-line second opinions and Complex medical treatments through medical treatment packages (admission, exams, surgeries, hospital accommodations, etc.) that can be completed by a “full-service” package (medical package + travel and non-medical accommodations for the patient and their relatives).

Main points:

  • Cost-effective: thanks to, patients can obtain, on average, a 35% to 50% reduction in medical expenses in comparison with the U.S

  • Unique: is be the only platform currently serving this strongly growing market with a full European network

  • Complete offer: strengthened by “best practice” analysis and “permanent medical security control”

  • Quality and Security: HIPAA (USA) and ASIP (Europe) – compliance ensures continuity in healthcare

  • Tailor-made service: covering medical quality, case management and privacy. – Let’s talk (24/7): +1 646 89 30 951

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