INDIGOMED allows international and particularly US patients and their physicians to consult the most respected European medical Institutions in order to obtain:

  • Online second opinions from best-in-class European medical teams
  • Packaged medical treatments (admission, investigations, surgeries, hospital accommodations, etc.) and admission to best-in-class European Hospitals
  • Online second opinions and, when possible, treatment proposals and admissions for rare conditions and diseases.

Key features of INDIGOMED

  • Cost-effective / high-quality

    Thanks to INDIGOMED, patients can obtain, on average, a 35% to 50% reduction in medical expenses compared with costs in the US, with NO LOSS in medical quality, innovation and technology. The hospitals and professionals belonging to the INDIGOMED network represent the best of European medicine: the most highly qualified specialists and the best hospitals in Europe (Italy, Germany, Spain and France).

    We can offer less expensive treatments because European costs for medical care are substantially lower than the US. Because the EU’s objective has always been to reduce inequalities in health care, huge investments are made in the health sector by European governments to reduce medical costs for patients.

    Smart health care spending doesn’t mean spending more.

  • Care continuum – Global partnership

    Treating serious diseases involves long, complex health care processes and interventions from a large number of medical professionals. INDIGOMED guarantees the coordination of local and international professionals with a single objective – cost-effective quality patient care.

    INDIGOMED partners with key organizations in collaborative efforts to offer the best in health care for the benefit of the patients we serve.

    A successful medical intervention involves more than the patient, his or her practitioner, and/or an overseas medical provider. Undertaking medical opinions or treatments in another country has can be significantly more complicated than obtaining the same services at home, though this complexity is not often appreciated by the medical community.

    INDIGOMED aims is to provide efficient, positive, and well-structured interactions among the following stakeholders for every patient’s safety and well-being:

    a) Local treating physician(s)

    INDIGOMED considers local treating physicians to be a key element in our virtual health care partnership. Dealing with serious diseases involves complex procedures, which means a long-term strategy is essential. INDIGOMED works with local physicians to offer patients a credible and reliable international medical option. INDIGOMED is the first and only platform that interacts with local physicians near our patients’ homes in order to organize effective international treatments.

    b) INDIGOMED’s role and engagements

    The INDIGOMED platform is an Exchange Platform built upon a secure, standards-based infrastructure connecting patients, physicians, and other health care providers. The result is a longitudinal, secure platform supporting collaboration among providers and improving patient care, while reducing costs. INDIGOMED’s key roles and engagements include:

    • Securely storing and transmitting every patient’s confidential information;
    • Ensuring information quality at every stage of the process;
    • Facilitating information exchange without compromising security, privacy, and confidentiality;
    • Consistency and reliability.

    The INDIGOMED Health Care Manager is responsible for managing the whole process, including interactions on The INDIGOMED Health Care takes responsibility for advising and advocating for an international patient, in order to present and manage the most appropriate options for the best-possible medical outcome.

    c) European health providers

    INDIGOMED works with European hospitals and professionals who strive to ensure patient safety and quality health care through continuous self-assessment and regular inspection by government agencies. INDIGOMED selects health care providers to be part of its network according to a multi-criteria analysis including government and non-governmental agency certifications, the use of state-of-the-art medical and diagnostic equipment, the prevention of nosocomial infections, the quality of medical publications, attendance at international medical seminars and congresses, public information about patient quality, and the statistical analysis of health care databases concerning treatment performances.

  • Patient-centered

    INDIGOMED offers a complete, patient-centered medical platform to patients that empowers them to ask, to be informed, to advocate and to receive higher standards of care in terms of medical quality, security, privacy and transparency.

    We understand that each patient has different needs, expectations, and financial resources when confronted with a disease. We approach each individual with value-added know-how in three key areas: medical quality, individualized case management, hassle-free follow-up, and confidentiality.

    Each Patient can ask questions, explain their concerns, accept a treatment plan, or ask for an alternative that suits them better. With INDIGOMED, the patient plays an active role in the treatment process. Patients will never feel left out or lost in a sea of incomprehensible medical terminologies and indifferent health care professionals.

    INDIGOMED uses cutting edge technology to store, protect, and exchange patient information exclusively with among healthcare professionals, and only with that patient’s explicit permission.

  • High-end complete offer

    All aspects of the treatment and recovery patient’s process are taken into consideration, and INDIGOMED is engaged to give the best possible answer and solution to the major potential problems at each stage and paths of a process. Our main mission is strengthened by “best practice” analysis and “permanent medical security control.”

  • Personal data security

    INDIGOMED uses the latest technology to store, protect, and exchange patients’ information among healthcare professionals only, and only with patients’ permission.

    At INDIGOMED, we care about patient’s privacy and are committed to protecting and preserving it. We understand individual health information is extremely personal , and we understand your concern at how it may be used.

  • Rare diseases

    INDIGOMED is the only platform that specializes in rare diseases. Families often feel lost and adrift when the diagnosis is a rare disease. Please note that European doctors do not always use the same drugs to treat the same diseases as do their counterparts in the US. Rare diseases such as Bartter’s syndrome, macular corneal dystrophy (MCD), Tay-Sachs disease, Huntington’s disease, dilated cardiomyopathy with ataxia (DCMA), to name a few, may require a second opinion, either to choose a more cost-effective quality of care or to improve the existing treatment plan.