INDIGOMED is the leading healthcare platform for international patients, specialized in online second opinions and elective treatments for common and rare medical conditions.

INDIGOMED is a unique health care platform, allowing international patients easy access to the best of European medicine. The most highly qualified specialists from renowned hospitals in Europe (Italy, Germany (2016), Spain (2016) and France) are now accessible to give their expert opinions and admission for treatments, for common or rare diseases. INDIGOMED is a secure platform, organized by physicians for physicians and their patients in order to provide cost-effective, high-quality health care that is accessible to all.

Everyone, regardless of age, nationality, sexual orientation, ethnicity, social status, or geographic location, can seek an expert second opinion online and/or elective treatment proposals and admissions from INDIGOMED’s state-of-the-art hospitals using the latest proven technology.

INDIGOMED allows international patients, particularly those in the US, and their physicians to consult with the most-respected European medical institutions in order to obtain:

  • Second opinions online: INDIGOMED can offer second opinions on the most complex diseases, including all forms of cancer and critical care and the most serious diseases of the neurologic, cardiovascular, hematologic, ear-nose-throat, nervous, digestive, renal, and respiratory systems.
  • Complete packaged medical treatments (admission, investigations, surgeries, hospital accommodations, etc.): INDIGOMED will offer a packaged elective treatment proposal to any patient and his or her corresponding physician, in most cases. The patient will be able to choose the country and institution he or she prefers.

INDIGOMED’s scope is not about finding the cheapest prices for patient treatments. It is not a low cost medical tourism platform. We help people pay a fair price for the high-quality, modern services they want and need.

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